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A Notion reading/book tracker to manage your reading list.

It features fields for book titles, authors, reading status (e.g., currently reading, to-read, completed), genres, start and finish dates, and personal ratings. It also includes sections for personal notes, reading time logs, and links to related resources. This tracker is designed to help you keep a detailed record of your reading habits, insights, and recommendations.


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Read Space Planner
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is notion?

Notion is a note-taking and productivity app that allows you to organize your thoughts, write, and plan all in one place. It's like having a digital workspace to capture anything.

What is Notionyou?

Notionyou is your one-stop-shop to get free and premium notion templates for every single use case. We are on a mission to help people improve their lifestyle and become productive with our newsletter and templates.

What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is a pre-built workspace or page structure that can be duplicated to quickly set up common workflows or documents. Templates help users get started without building from scratch. 

Why pay for Notion templates?

If you want more than the basic templates that come with Notion, you may find it useful to pay for templates that are of higher quality, more specialized, or more complicated. Paid templates frequently have more sophisticated features, allow for extensive customization, and have expertly made designs. They make things easier to do and save time for certain tasks or projects.

Can I use the Notion free account plan?

Yes, the Notion free account plan allows for personal use forever with features like unlimited pages, blocks, and integrations. It's a good option to try Notion without paying.

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