7 Best Aesthetic Notion Templates (Free and Paid)

Gone are the days of boring to-do lists and messy notebooks. Notion templates have become the secret weapon for anyone who wants to organize their life in style.

Are you looking to tide up your digital workspace with some style and efficiency? If so, then look no further! 

We've curated a list of the 7 best aesthetic Notion life planner templates that are not only looking stunning but will also boost your productivity. 

From Lifesync OS, Notion daily journal, down to the Notion Aesthetic nature, these templates will help you organize your life in a visually appealing way. 

Ready to transform your routine and make your Notion experience a pleasure? Let's dig into these top picks that combine beauty with functionality, perfect for anyone eager to elevate their organizational game.

7 Best Aesthetic Notion Life Planner Templates (Free and Paid)

Why don’t you transform your digital organization with flair using our guide to the 7 best aesthetic Notion Life Planner templates?

Whether you are managing a busy schedule, tracking goals, or just looking for a more visually engaging way to keep your notes, these templates are perfect for anyone and our picks will help you fast track your tasks and elevate your Notion setup. 

Ready to discover how style and productivity can go hand in hand? Then consider the following:

1. Lifesync OS

Lifesync OS by NotionYou is a super helpful tool for anyone looking to get their life and tasks all sorted out in one place. 

It's like having a personal assistant on your computer or phone, helping you keep track of everything from your daily to-dos to planning your next big trip.

With this template, you can manage your tasks, plan your meals, track your workouts, and even organize your finances – all within the same dashboard. 

Essentially, Lifesync OS actually goes beyond just scheduling your day. It also helps you set and track your goals, whether it's mastering that new recipe or finally crushing that fitness challenge. 

And most importantly, you can customize Lifesync OS to fit how you work. You don't need a meal planner? No problem, just hide it. You like a different way to track your finances? Go for it. The template is just designed to be your sidekick and not your dictator. 

Here’s what the template look like:

At $29.99, it might seem a bit of a spend, but for a tool that helps bring peace and order to your busy life, many find it totally worth it. 

If keeping track of life's details makes you feel scattered, Lifesync OS could be just what you need to pull it all together.

Features of Lifesync OS

  • It allows it users to keep all their daily tasks organized and accessible in one place, and thereby allowing them to stay on top of their to-do list efficiently.
  • It has a meal planning and grocery tracking feature
  • It can be used for keeping workouts logs and also track your fitness progress and as such, helping you stay committed to your health goals
  • The template also has a budgeting and finance management tool for tracking expenses, and monitoring savings to keep your financial goals on track
  • It can be used to organize every aspect of your trips, from flight bookings to accommodations and itineraries, making your travel plans stress-free.
  • It can also function as a schoolwork organizational for assignment and deadline tracking
  • Mindfulness exercises and gratitude prompts

Get the Lifesync OS template here.

2. Travelsync OS

Planning a trip can be exciting, but juggling flights, hotels, activities, and keeping track of expenses can quickly turn into a headache. 

But if you desire a stress-free trip planning, then Travelsync OS by Notionyou should just be your new best friend in this aspect.

This handy NotionYou template is designed to streamline the entire travel planning process, from the very beginning stages of brainstorming destinations, creating well-detailed itineraries, and to keeping track of your spending, it help you keeps everything organized in one place.

At $24.99, Travelsync OS turns the tedious task of travel planning into an exciting part of your journey. It's the travel companion you didn't know you needed, making sure the only thing you need to worry about is how much fun you're going to have. 

Here’s what the template look like:

Features of Travelsync OS 

  • It has a customizable checklist to help you pack smartly and remember everything you need for your trip.
  • It has a travel expenses monitoring feature, ensuring you manage your budget for flights, accomodations, meals, and more.
  • It also has a dedication section for ideating and organizing your travel dreams, including style, budget, and inspirational mood boards.
  • It can be used to research flights, find accommodation, discover activities, plan local transportation, etc. all in one place

Get the Travelsync OS template here.

3. Free Habit Tracker

Are you looking to build some positive routines into your life? If so, then the Free Habit Tracker by NotionYou is just the perfect template for you. 

It's a simple tool that helps you track your daily habits for free and emphasizes the essentials of habit tracking without overwhelming users with complexity. 

This could be particularly appealing for those that are new to using digital tools for personal development or anyone who prefers a minimalist approach.

Features of Free Habit Tracker

  • It is user-friendly and designed for simplicity, making it easy for Notion beginners to use.
  • It is available at no cost, making it an accessible option for anyone interested in building better habits.
  • It helps in maintaining accountability for daily habits, encouraging regular tracking and consistency.
  • The template also offers at-a-glance feedback on how well you are sticking to your habits, highlighting both successes and areas for improvement.
  • It gives room for the addition and removal of habits, enabling personalization according to your evolving goals.

Get the Free Habit Tracker template here.

4. ReadSpace Planner

The ReadSpace Planner by NotionYou is like a cozy reading corner in the digital world for everyone who loves books. 

The template is not just about piling up your to-be-read (TBR) books; it's designed to help you go far in your reading journey and coming out richer in thoughts and experiences. 

So whether you are a casual reader or a literary enthusiast, the ReadSpace Planner by NotionYou can be a valuable tool for you. 

It keeps your TBR organized, helps you track progress, and allows you to capture your thoughts and reflections on the books you read.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to enhance your reading experience and make the most of your bookworm adventures, then the ReadSpace Planner is definitely worth checking out!

Here’s what the template looks like:

Features of ReadSpace Planner

  • It can be used to organize your entire to-be-read list in one place
  • You can monitor your reading progress for each book, whether by chapters, pages, modules or percentage
  • It has a dedicated space for each book that lets you jot down memorable quotes, plot twists, or any thoughts that come to mind while reading
  • It has a review and star ratings feature to capture your overall feelings about a book and share recommendations
  • It can also be used to set personal reading goals for the year and monitor your progress, encouraging you to read more or tackle those bigger books, etc.

Get the ReadSpace Planner template here.

5. Notion Daily Journal

The Notion Daily Journal can be a great way to develop a consistent journaling habit and keep a record of your thoughts, experiences, and goals. 

It's perfect for anyone who wants to write about their day, how they're feeling, or anything they're thinking about.

What is even cool about this Notion Daily journal is that it comes with templates that are designed for anyone who wants to keep a journal ( whether a pro at journaling or someone who is just trying to get into the habit).

So, if you are sitting there thinking, "What do I even write about?", these templates have got your back with prompts and sections that guide you. 

But if you are the type who likes to do your own thing, you can change them up or make your own. This means your journal can feel like it is yours.

Beyond just writing down what happened each day, there are parts where you can track your mood or habits too. 

This is great because you can start seeing patterns over time. Like, maybe you realize you are happier on days you go for a run and other things like that. And this means the template is not just about writing; it’s about discovering more about yourself.

Features of Notion Daily Journal

  • The Notion daily journal offers various templates with prompts and sections for daily highlights, making it easy to start journaling
  • It allows it users to track their daily mood and habits
  • It has a built-in prompts to help you dig deeper into your thoughts and experiences
  • It also keeps your journal entries in a searchable database, letting you filter them by date, mood, habit, etc.
  • The template also allows its users to adopt templates or create their own to fit their unique journaling style.

Get the Notion daily journal template here.

6) University Minder

You will agree with me that juggling classes, assignments, and social life together can be a nightmare for any college student. 

The Notion University Minder is, however, a handy digital template designed to help students efficiently organize their academic life.

The template allows students to consolidate all their course details in one accessible location. This includes information such as class schedules, professor contact details, and links to syllabi. 

The organization is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through their course load without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s more, the University Minder has a grade tracker feature and this tool allows students to input their grades for assignments and exams, providing a visual overview of their academic performance across different subjects. 

This, without a doubt, is incredibly useful for identifying strengths and areas for improvement, helping students target their study efforts more effectively.

Here’s what the template look like:

Features of Notion the University Minder

  • The software allows students to maintain a clear list of courses they are taking, complete with times, professor names, and locations.
  • It has an easy way to record and follow up on grades throughout the semester, helping students keep their academic goals in sight.
  • The template also helps students manage deadlines by setting up reminders for when assignments are due.
  • It has a pomodoro built-in timer that promotes focused study sessions by dividing work into manageable intervals with short breaks.
  • The template is completely free, making it accessible to students without any financial burden.

Get the the University Minder template here.

7) Aesthetic Nature

If you are someone who loves to keep things organized but also appreciates a beautiful layout, then you might want to check out the Aesthetic Nature Notion Template. 

This template is more than just a practical tool; it's designed to bring a little bit of calm and nature into your daily routine.

Importantly, the template is also designed to blend functionality with beauty, making your daily planning and organizing an enjoyable experience. 

Aesthetic nature template stands out due to its clean and nature-inspired aesthetic, which not only soothes the eye but also makes using it a calming experience.

At its heart, the Aesthetic Nature template equally offers a straightforward to-do list. It is very simple to use; you just add your tasks and check them off as you complete them. The nature-inspired design around the list makes even the mundane tasks seem more pleasant.

Having said that, this template could be particularly beneficial for students, freelancers, and professionals who like to organize their day with an aesthetic touch. 

It seems like a fantastic tool for keeping things organized while also making your digital space more lively and personalized.

Features of Aesthetic Nature Notion

  • The template has a feature for organizing it users plans for the entire day’s schedule in one convenient place
  • It provides a simple and efficient way to keep track of tasks you need to complete thereby enhancing your productivity
  • It also displays daily weather updates, allowing you to plan your activities and outfit according to the weather conditions
  • The tool also offers quick access to frequently visited websites and as such, saving time and increasing efficiency as you work or browse
  • It has a recent Spotify playlists feature to keeps your latest music selections at hand, making it easy to access your favorite tunes while you work or relax

Get the Aesthetic Nature Notion template here.


In conclusion, these 7 best aesthetic Notion templates are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their productivity while enjoying a visually pleasing workspace. 

Each template brings something unique, whether it's organizing your daily tasks, keeping track of important projects, or simply making your digital space a joy to navigate. 

By choosing the right template for your needs, you can simplified your day, stay on top of your tasks, and make your work routine more enjoyable. 

Give these templates a try and see how they transform your approach to organization and efficiency.

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